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MetaSpark is a cooperative action-puzzling game taking place in a sci-fi environment. The game also features a brand new type of mechanics where players can unplug their controller to disconnect their in-game characters. Therefore, the players must alternate between these two phases in order to defeat enemies and advance through various puzzles.

Awarded 2nd best game design prize, MetaSpark was created during Montréal's UQAT Game Jam in 2016.

The team:

Guillaume Duquesne - Development

Alexandre Pernot Lopes - Development

Vincent Brunet-Dupont - Development / Animator

Léandre Leblanc Martinet - Sound / Level Designer

Samuel Bourassa - 2d Artist

Dany Ayoub - VFX artist / Animator

Install instructions

Just unzip and launch MetaSpark.exe

4 players are required in order to play the game


MetaSpark_27-01-17.7z 186 MB

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